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11:11 04:04
Familia 05:12
Brave Heart 03:52


From the cosmic heart, through ours to all of yours. Prayers for peace, love, devotion, connection and harmony. In Selfless Service to all that is, we present:

Our sacred seeds of all we hope to bring forth into this world. The seeds of our dreams to spend our lives making music and holding space to uplift and inspire others, creating ripples of positive vibrations in all that we do.
Please water them with your love to help them take root, shoot, grow and soar.

Here's a little bit more about our journey and how each of these songs came into reality:

The Less That You Think You Know

(Joe) This song came to me while I was visiting my mate Kev. I was in the middle of an 8-week festival tour during the summer of 2018. Kev is a known wild man who likes to spend most of his time outdoors in the nature. It was no surprise to find that even though he owned a perfectly nice house, he had decided to build himself a wooden cabin in his back garden for himself to live in. When I arrived, Kev was out on an adventure, so I made myself at home in his handcrafted comfy cabin. Sat on his sofa with my guitar admiring his craftmanship, I made a prayer to receive some new music and just like that, inspiration was born and ‘The Less That You Think You Know’ flowed through me. I felt the love all around me and Kev’s remarkable feat of DIY reminded me of all the times I had overcome challenges in my life which at the time may have seemed impossible to achieve. This song is all about how we can tap into the infinite source of wisdom and knowledge that is ever present all around us, but only when we can detach from the mind and forget all that we think we know so as to become a channel of the universe. To do this requires for us to fully surrender our concepts and ideas about who and what we think we are. To let go of our grip on our identities, so that we can be open to any and all possibilities.


(Joe) The inspiration for this song came through while me and Jess were visiting our soul sisters in Portugal. Love was in the air, inspiration was flowing and we were all vibing high. As the days together unfolded, we reminisced and shared stories about all of the beautiful moments in our lives where we had personally experienced synchronicities and the magic of the universe. Each of us following our own unique path had different stories to tell but a common trend ran between us all which ultimately would explain why we had found ourselves together in that very moment. Spending time with these beautiful souls sparked lots of inspiration in me, and this is how 11/11 came to be. Shortly after a Cacao ceremony I picked up the guitar, began playing and instantly the words began to flow. Being in the presence of soul family allowed my spirit to truly relax and remember the truth that is, and always will be. This song is about noticing the signs all around you, realising that all is connected and understanding that if you choose to look for it you will find freedom and love in every moment, in all that is… united as one in the flower of life.

Love you always

(Jess) We wrote this song in my parents living room in Scotland. We’d been journeying together for about a year by this point, but it feels like lifetimes already. It’s been a true deepening into our own individual space and into love. This song is about devotion. How through our union we have been able to deepen into a truer understanding and embodiment of divine love, unconditional love, a love that we offer all of ourselves to and expect nothing in return. It can be to a plant, an animal, your service (work), a song, a prayer, god, spirit, great mystery, each moment, another human being. This connection to a higher love can nourish our bodies, minds and spirits: heal us, hold us, maybe even challenge us. At the end of the day, through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, unravelling mystery and spiralling inwards there is this love that is just there; like a steady drum beat, like a promise that can never be broken, it’s a presence, a knowing - it gives us freedom to really be ourselves in our truest essence. I love you Joe, thank-you from the truest place within me. Thank you for you and for all we have shared and all we are and will share. Tears fall even as I type these words at the blessing it is to know love through you, us and our shared journey.


(Joe) This song came into existence in Sri Lanka on the south coast by the sea. Me and Jess met up with our soul sisters Nathalie and Lady Jo with plans to enjoy the sunset together and share some medicine songs with the guitar in the beauty of the nature. Whilst we were clambering over rocks to find the perfect sunset spot, reminiscing about all of the beautiful times we had shared together, a simple yet profound realisation came through. Life can be a very difficult journey which sometimes may seem impossible to overcome. However, when in the presence of soul family, even the most difficult of situations seems allot easier to deal with. I was filled with a true sense of gratitude as well as a deep understanding that all life in existence is a representation of the Divine that lives within all things and is experienced through infinite possibilities. All is Sacred, all is Family. I can see the Devine in your eyes, and it gives me hope, strength and love to be the best version of myself at all times.

Perfect as You Are

(Joe) This song was created in Sri Lanka during a weekend retreat. I found myself within a dream. A life where I was able to offer music and healing to others in service to the most high, with a simple and pure intention of love. During the weekend I was blessed to receive an insight which was very simple and pure. My heart overflowed with unconditional love for everyone around me as a deep message appeared in my mind, reassuring me that ‘You Are Perfect as You are’ and that this was a message I should now pass on to everyone I meet. In life it’s very easy for us to find faults in ourselves however I was reassured with this message that everything happens for a reason, and that all you are is exactly as it should be. All that is meant for you will come to you, and nothing more. All that is destined for you will be yours at the perfect time, and not before. Have faith in the journey and remember this message. With Love, from the Universe.

Brave Heart

(Jess) This song was inspired by the aboriginal saying, ‘We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.’
It came through in a beautiful time and place on top of a cliff in Portugal overlooking the ocean. The sea stretching away from us, shining, into everything and nothing. We spent a lot of time just us in the nature that trip, eating wild picnics, sleeping on beaches, integrating a deep meditation. In that moment on the cliff; I felt so grounded in nature, so present and so aware of the vastness of creation and my own souls’ journey within it. It was overwhelming and almost terrifying, and I sang to soothe myself. To remind myself I’ve done this before, underneath the same sun and the same moon and I have the love of my beloved(s) to help me on the journey. Thanks to everyone who we spent precious moments with in Portugal, thanks to my love Joe for holding my hand and leaning into the unknown with me.


released November 11, 2019

Coloured Sound creation by:

Joe Jordan & Jessica Gray Lightley


all rights reserved



Coloured Sound UK

Created by Joe Jordan, Coloured Sound is a fusion of Music Art and Visuals to create musical experiences.
Coloured Sound is a platform for creativity and self expression with the intention to help the world with positive vibrations. Sending Love and Blessings to All
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